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MacDougall Pierce Construction was started in 1976 by G.Robert MacDougall. Since then, the company has experienced a consistent, controlled growth to the current $50 million per year. We are a full service general contractor/ construction manager that has the ability to control major portions of a project with our in-house concrete and carpentry crews. This allows us to have more control over the project quality and schedule.


We have on-staff engineers and surveyors to aid in the completion of your project. Our staff has over 125 years of combined construction experience in almost every commercial, industrial, retail and governmental area of work. We pride ourselves in the ability to complete projects on time and on budget with the help of web-based information systems and scheduling programs. We have worked successfully with hundreds of architects and engineers throughout the country. Our services vary according to the type of project. We offer pre-construction, budgeting, hard bid, and design/build programs. MacDougall Pierce is capable of providing pre-engineered structures of any size. We are an authorized Butler Buildings Dealer and have installed buildings of all sizes and types.


MacDougall Pierce is committed to providing a safe and healthful working environment through the implementation of a comprehensive safety program. This program provides protection for employees, equipment as well as owners against injury, illness and property damage. The program is continually updated and modified as needed to comply with the ever changing state and federal OSHA regulations. Every week, each one of our jobs is started with a safety meeting and toolbox safety talks to keep safety at the top of everyones minds. MacDougall Pierce Construction... We measure our success by the relationships we've built!



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MacDougall Pierce Construction is committed to providing a safe working environment for everyone involved in the construction process. There are 5 reasons why we have a safety program...

      1) Employee safety and health - Every individual has the right to work in a safe

          working environment

      2) Reduce Operating Costs -

          a) Increased Productivity - a structured safety program gives workers both

              confidence in their own actions as well as confidence within their

              work environment. This results in greater productivity.

          b) Workers Compensation Costs - Lower worker comp costs mean lower

              overhead costs.

          c) Litigation - A structured safety program minimizes the chance of liability

              and lawsuits.

          d) OSHA Regulations/Fines - Non-compliance will result in costly fines and


      3) Opportunity for OSHA Focused Inspection - If you have a structured safety

          program, you are more apt to qualify for the less - stringent, "Focused

          Inspection", in lieu of the highly detailed OSHA wall-to-wall inspection.

      4) Increased Contract Opportunities - More and more, owners are requiring

          contractors to substantiate the existence of a structured safety program.

      5) Of the thousands of industries, construction ranks 3rd in the most job related



Each MacDougall Pierce field super is trained in job site safety procedures, lockout/tagout, hazard communication, specific safety policies on first aid, housekeeping, sanitation, etc., occupational injury, MSDS, and pre/post drug & alcohol program implementation. We periodically have in-house safety inspections to keep all personel continually thinking safety. This ensures program consistency, quality and maturity. We are one of a handful of "MICCS" Safety certified general contractors in Indiana